Warranty and Returns Policy

CaterBros Equipment Supplier

Warranty and Returns Policy

This warranty is issued by CaterBros Equipment Supplier , suppliers of BAKERY, BUTCHERY, RESTAURANT, REFRIGERATION AND SHOPFITTING EQUIPMENT, PRODUCTS AND APPLIANCES, to the original Purchaser as identified and described on the invoice and shall constitute the only warranty given in respect of that product.

CaterBros Equipment Supplier herein referred to as the “COMPANY”, warrants to the original purchaser for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase that the product as identified/ described by special label and / or invoice is free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service subject to the following terms and conditions. The ORIGINAL INVOICE is required to log any warranty or return claims

Terms and Conditions

  1. Please note that equipment belongs to CaterBros Equipment Supplier until payment has been made in full.
  2. Balance of deposit to be paid 2 working days before delivery.
  3. 14-21 working days required for manufactured goods.
  4. 7-14 working days on imported goods (Unless otherwise stated)
  5. Minimum of 50% deposit is required to commence with transaction .
  6. Price does not include installation or delivery unless otherwise stated.
  7. We will not be liable for any damages due to third-party transport.


  1. Please note that this is a BRING IN WARRANTY (Please see repairs section for call out service) which requires the product/equipment/appliance to be brought back to the store at which it was purchased. Please contact our repairs department to log the fault prior to bringing in the equipment (010-7463888) or email sales@caterbros.co.za. Repair or replacement of any part of the product, found by the Company to be defective, shall be at the discretion of the Company. The Company reserves the right to affect such repairs/service through any of its Authorised Repair/Service Agents. Any repair work authorised by the supplier and or the Company may take up to FIVE (5) business days from the date the initial complaint is lodged. The cost of such a repair shall be borne by the Company in full.
  2. This warranty excludes defects caused to the product/equipment/appliance arising from the failure to adhere to the instructions given in the user manual/booklet and/or affixed to the product/equipment/appliance, incorrect voltages or faults in the electrical power system, power surges, damage caused by lightning, fire, flood, war, civil disturbance, industrial action, acts of God, misuse or abuse of the product/equipment/appliance, use of the product/equipment/appliance for a purpose other than that for which it was designed or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the Company. This will be determined by the Company’s certified technical assessment of the products.
  3. It is and express condition of this warranty that the purchaser takes due care and attention in the use and maintenance of the products/equipment/appliance by servicing the equipment every 6 months or on a regular basis dependant on the usage of the equipment.
  4. The warranty does not apply to and excludes fuses, styli, external plugs, cables, plastic parts, rubbers, glass parts and all moveable parts, gas replacement, bearings, gears, cogs, chains, bulbs, elements, blades, belts, brushes and/or wear and tear components etc.
  5. Where a repair service is requested under the warranty and no fault or defect is found by the Company or the Authorised Repair/Service Agent, all such costs incurred shall be borne by the purchaser for the nuisance call.
  6. Repairs affected, or parts replaced in terms of the warranty will be subjected to the warranty only for the duration of the balance of the original warranty period relating to the product/equipment/appliance.
  7. There is no warranty on smalls/utilities/ non-electrical articles unless something is obviously defective and is returned within 7 days from purchase.
  8. This warranty is not applicable to second hand and/or used products/equipment/appliances.
  9. All refrigeration equipment manufactured with refrigeration components i.e. fridges, display fridges, freezers, cold/freezer rooms, ice making machine, ice cream machine, ice cream machine etc. must be serviced quarterly by our Authorised Repairs/ Service Agents for the duration of the warranty period. The cost of the service will be borne by the customer, your contact details will be supplied to the Authorised Repair/Service Agents who will contact you regarding servicing of your refrigeration equipment. Failure to timeously service the refrigeration equipment will render the warranty null and void. For all complaints/malfunctions, proof of service must be produced.
  10. 10. Original invoice will serve as proof of purchase. For the purpose of repair service, it will be essential to produce the invoice to validate the warranty. Failure to do so will render the purchaser liable for all the repair service costs.
  11. Warranty 12 months on mechanical
  12. Warranty 6 months on electrical

Returns Policy

  1. Customers will receive a full refund on products/equipment/appliances returned to the store it was purchased at within 7 days of purchase if the products are unused and in their original packaging.
  2. All products/equipment/appliances returned after 7 days/ used/ without its original packaging will be considered second hand and may be bought back at the Company’s discretion.
  3. We do not offer cash refunds credit will be allocated to customers account to be used for any future orders
  4. 20% Handling Fee on any cancellations on manufactured goods
  5. We will not be held liable for any damages due to transport (or third party transport)

Collections/Delivery Policy

All collections/deliveries must be made within 14 days of purchasing the product. All goods not collected/delivered within the 14-day period will be charged a storage fee of 1% of the price uncollected products per day of non-collection after the 14-day period.


  1. Call out fee of R550 per hour to be charged and R15.00 per km for traveling – No charge if you bring it in.