Tips for Designing a Commercial Kitchen

Tips for Designing a Commercial Kitchen

Whether starting a food trailer, restaurant, or catering business, the design of your commercial kitchen is an important thing to consider. You need an economical, efficient, and convenient way to streamline food production.

To help you make to best choice in this regard, our team of professional commercial kitchen designers in Gauteng bring you a few handy tips to getting it right from the design stage.

Design for Flexibility

Things aren’t always going to stay the same in your facility, and easily made changes are something you will need to do to the kitchen layout at some point. Adding something new to the menu? Investing in a new appliance? Need to get more chefs in the kitchen?

You don’t want to have to take the structure back to the drawing board at a later stage, so consider how you might want to scale your operations over time, even at the designing stage.

Keep Things Simple

Too many cooks… you know what, I’m not using that pun again. But you get the point. You don’t need to kit the kitchen out with absolutely every kind of appliance related to food production, you only need what you’ll use frequently.

Besides being a matter of returns on investments, keeping simplicity in mind when working on restaurant or catering kitchen designs will ensure that your kitchen is essential ship-shape, efficient, and economical.

Think of the Movement of Staff

Arrange appliances and counters in such a way to facilitate a continuous flow, this will help avoid backlogs and issues when the kitchen gets full. 

It isn’t always easy but remember that having ample space is important so that your staff don’t clamour over each other trying to get orders out.

Make Sanitation Easy

Sanitation is a critical part of any food production process, and your kitchen needs to be spotless. 

So, when designing, select materials that are easy to clean, while ensuring that the layout doesn’t make cleaning difficult. 

Make sure all areas, behind appliances, in cupboards, on counters, and on the floor, are all accessible to cleaning staff.


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