The Importance of Layout for Commercial Kitchens


Ask anyone who has spent time in a commercial kitchen, layout can be the difference between a flourishing business and disaster. 

Meaningful and professional commercial kitchen design takes account of the nuances of layout to maximise efficiency and improves safety in and outside of the kitchen.

Here are a few reasons why layout is a critical part of any commercial kitchen’s design.

Eliminating the Risk of Cross Contamination

Being able to effectively separate food types, utensils, and surfaces being used for different things is critical for ensuring the hygiene behind your food.

Cross contamination is an ugly word and a major violation of health regulations, and the wrong layout can make the environment all too volatile for contaminating surfaces.

Ensure Efficiency

Efficiency in the food world is key to success. Sure, good food takes time, but it takes less time when the kitchen is streamlined and easy to cook in. 

When high volumes of different orders start coming in and hungry patrons start turning into hangry ones, a good kitchen layout can be a life saver.

Maintain a Safe Working Environment

An important part of professional commercial kitchen design is doing so in such a way as to minimise hazards in the area. Commercial kitchens are, by their very nature, filled with different hazards. Heat from surfaces, steam, blades, and boiling water are just a few of them.

Good commercial kitchen design needs to consider the safety aspect of the layout to ensure a safe working environment.

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