Commercial Kitchen Layout

Commercial Kitchen Layout

Why is having a proper layout so important?


A commercial kitchen’s layout can determine how smoothly the restaurant functions. When the kitchen is designed strategically, it enables the back-of-house (BOH) team to work efficiently and produce high-quality meals consistently. When the kitchen is put together haphazardly, it can become an obstacle for the BOH team. In a poorly designed kitchen, staff can’t be as efficient because they have to worry about bumping into each other.


What are the benefits? And how can we help?

A successful commercial kitchen layout is easy to use, meets the restaurant’s needs and enables your service staff to deliver an amazing restaurant experience. Whether you’re building a restaurant from scratch, or have (literally) hit a wall with your current design and need to renovate, we can assist in helping you find the best solution for more productivity from start to finish. 


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What layout are you using?


Commercial kitchen layout types

  1. Assembly line layout
  2. Island layout
  3. Zone-style layout
  4. Galley layout
  5. Open kitchen layout


To get the most benefit out of your kitchen does not only depend on the proper catering equipment but how you are utilizing the design and layout of your kitchen. What is your kitchen design?

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The 5 key components of a commercial kitchen

Before you can determine what new equipment to buy to make your kitchen more efficient, it’s important to account for the needs that the kitchen must fulfill and the equipment associated with those needs. 


When you know what components need to fit into the space from the beginning of the design process, you will be able to design your commercial kitchen layout more effectively. 


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