Reasons To Open A Food Truck Instead Of A Restaurant


The dream of owning a restaurant can be a shaky one, for owners they represent one of the most volatile industries with a massive majority of them not making it past their fifth year of business. 

That’s not to say that they cannot succeed, but the amount of work, time, and money that goes into keeping the stoves burning makes it highly risky business.

Mobile food trucks, those glorious moving kitchens that break away from franchising and stagnant locations can make things easier, more affordable, and far less of a risk.

If you have been thinking of breaking into the food industry, then it is well worth your time considering opening up food truck as opposed to a brick-and-mortar business.

Let’s have a look at a few of them here…

Invest Less With A Food Truck

A tough point for any restaurant owner (or someone who dreams of being one) is the massive initial investment required to do so. 

Expenses are high all round in a restaurant, not withstanding rent, equipment, furniture, décor, staff salaries, power and utility bills, marketing, or maybe even franchise rights.

Those new to the industry might be shocked at the cost of even the humblest establishments, something food trucks don’t necessarily share in.

Food trucks are often charmingly humble, not to ignore the fairly substantial investment they require, but it pales in comparison to what you can expect when opening a restaurant. 

The investment required to expand food truck operations is also generally far less.

Food Trucks Keep Operating Costs Low

Food Trailers Interior

In any business there are operating costs, there is no way around that. But the more components and complications that business has, the higher those costs will rise.

Mobile food trucks generally cost a mere fraction to run compared to their brick-and-mortar counterparts, since they operate without many of the expenses attributed to restaurants.

Sure, you will be paying for the food trailer, permits, equipment, materials, and a few miscellaneous other parts of the business, but when compared to any sized restaurant the costs are minimal.

Take Advantage Of Locations With Mobile Food Trucks

Locations are often considered the ultimate restaurant killer. A popular street today will cost a fortune in rent while the customers are flowing, but if the location dries out, its not like your rent will be reduced.

A restaurant cannot follow its clientele around, or even position itself more conveniently for them. Mobile food trucks can.

This lets you experiment with locations to find one with more interest in your offers, you can even move around from day to day to extend your brand to all areas of a city. 

Need to cater to a festival or event? Just take your food truck. This makes it easy for you to even branch out into catering.

Pool In More Customers

Being able to move between different locations means you will be able to attract in more types of customers, simply by making the location easier for them. 

If at certain times of day, a preferred location is busy (for instance outside an office park at lunchtime) you can go there and then move to where people gather in the evening (perhaps outside of a gym or pub).

Being able to meet customers where they go and still offer them a full dining experience will make it so much easier to attract in new customers from all corners of the market.

Advertising Is Practically Free

Advertising Is Practically Free With Mobile Food Trailers

You carry your brand with you wherever you take your mobile food truck, which makes advertising much easier and cheaper to pull off. 

Branding on your food truck will do much of the marketing legwork, coupled with the sheer charm and character these types of businesses tend to automatically have.

Being a largely social experience, free marketing through word of mouth or even social media reviews can also cost, practically nothing.


If you would like to know more about opening up your own food truck business, consider investing in one of Cater Bros Food Trailers. You can find out more by visiting our website today.