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Mobile Food Trucks VS Mobile Food Trailers

Food Truck vs Food Trailer – Which one is better suited for you?

1. Mobile Kitchen Size

2. Kitchen Space and Storage Capacity   

-3. Mobile Kitchen Price

-4. Vehicle Mobility

-5. Mobile Kitchen Location and Event Type

-6. Mobile Kitchen Menu Capabilities

-7. Purpose


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Cater Bros Catering Equipment is now offering you a new opportunity to start a food business, like a Bakery, Butchery or a Chisa Nyama on wheels while saving you money and giving you the best quality catering equipment with after sales services


You might be asking yourself – How?


Rather than asking how, rather ask why? Let me tell you why.


We at Cater Bros Catering Equipment will help you with the ‘how’, with the best advice, and  quality catering equipment. With these you will be well on your way for 2022, literally. 


Consider the why

The Food Trailer and Food Trucking industry is set to reach an estimated $1.1 billion this year in 2022, That is a whopping R17.1 billion rand. No wonder many are jumping at this opportunity to invest in this business.

We have laid out a couple of benefits in the article below for you to consider, and the reason why a food trailer would be the best solution. However, don’t take my word for it, see for yourself 😉 


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Mobile Food Trucks VS Mobile Food Trailers

Which Mobile Food Business Is Right for You?

The food truck and food trailer industry is the fastest growing sector of the larger food service industry, so it’s no secret that food trucks and food trailers are taking the nation by storm. Their popularity has grown so rapidly that several cities are known for their food truck and food trailer scene. The mobile food market is estimated to reach $1.1 billion (17.1 billion Rand) in 2022, you may be interested in joining this thriving industry.

Before you do, you may want to ask yourself if a food truck or food trailer is right for you or if there is a better mobile food business model that would better suit your business. We set out to compare food trucks and food trailers to help you determine which vehicle would be best for your mobile kitchen endeavors.


Food Truck vs Food Trailer – Which one is better suited for you?

Mobile food businesses come in various styles and sizes to serve a variety of purposes. It is important to consider their differentiating characteristics before choosing your primary food transport vehicle.

These are the main characteristics to review when deciding between a food truck vs food trailer

1. Mobile Kitchen Size

The size of your mobile kitchen will determine where you can park and what types of events you can attend.

  • Food Trailer – the largest in size
  • Food Truck – smaller than the food trailer

2. Kitchen Space and Storage Capacity

The size of your interior kitchen space can have an impact on what you can bring with you and your staff size.

  • Food Trailer – large enough for full-sized restaurant equipment, cleaning supplies, and full cooking staff
  • Food Truck – reduced size may call for more dependence on countertop cooking equipment, space-saving storage solutions, and a staff of 1-2 cooks

3. Mobile Kitchen Price

Start to shape your budget by knowing what a mobile kitchen may cost you before you invest.

  • Food Trailer – is much cheaper than the food truck
  • Food Truck – more expensive than the food trailer


4. Vehicle Mobility

The way a mobile kitchen navigates can help determine which events and locations they best cater to.

  • Food Trailer – Needs to be towed from place to place, may be too large for certain parking locations
  • Food Truck – vehicle and kitchen in one, can be driven from place to place

5. Mobile Kitchen Location and Event Type

The type of locations and events a mobile kitchen is designed for is pretty similar

  • Food Trailer – large events, seasonal fairs, wedding and concert venues, carnivals, block parties, parks and more
  • Food Truck – city street, fairs and carnivals, block parties, parks and more

6. Mobile Kitchen Menu Capabilities

The size and selections of your menu can be directly impacted by the size of your mobile kitchen

  • Food Trailer – can have a full menu, multi-course menu
  • Food Truck – narrowed to a few items that follow a similar theme or cuisine type

7. Purpose

Choose a mobile kitchen that best helps you reach your target demographic.

  • Food Trailer – long-term parking, multi-day events
  • Food Truck – stop-and-go location hopping


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With such a growing market in the mobile food industry, it’s only a matter of time before everyone realizes it and cash in on this opportunity. So be amongst the first and let us at Cater Bros catering equipment guide you through this wonderful and exciting experience of opening up your own food business today


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