How to Outfit a Start-Up Bakery


Starting up a bakery business requires quite a bit more than just a dream and talent, the careful planning, investment, and finding your feet is only rounded off when you get the right equipment for the job.

While no two bakeries will be exactly the same, even with differing needs for appliances, there are certain items of bakery equipment that should be a standard part of your operation.

In the beginning there is nothing wrong with starting small and growing your itinerary of appliances as you go. They present a substantial investment, which is why most start-ups should consider starting small.

But what do you need to outfit your new bakery with? Here are some of the most crucial types of bakery equipment that are crucial to your operations.

The Oven is Essential

It seems obvious to say, but you cannot have a bakery without an oven. But there is more to consider here than meets the eye.

You need to carefully consider what type of baking you’ll be doing (cakes, pastries, etc.), and more importantly, what kinds of quantities you’ll be baking in. 

A couple of cakes a week might be fine with a simpler setup, but if you are going to be baking in high quantities, you’ll want to look at something like a deck oven to handle the higher loads.

In the beginning, a commercial oven might seem like too much of an investment for start-up operations, but as your business grows, a commercial oven will be the only type that works for you.

Dough Mixers, Dividers, & Moulders

If a substantial amount of your time and effort will be spent on handling dough, it is well worth enhancing efficiency in your start-up by investing in machines that can make the job easier. 

Smaller scale bakeries might not have to worry about this, but if you are producing high volumes of bread, flat-breads, or any other baked good produced in bulk, this will be essential.

These types of bakery equipment might not be essential for all bakeries in the beginning, but will likely become so as you grow.


For those specialising in breads, a prover might quickly become an essential appliance in your bakery.

They provide the perfect environment for dough to rise in a controlled climate, making for fluffier, larger yields. There are plenty of different types on offer to match your needs and capacity.

A Variety of Bakeware

Naturally, you’ll need bakeware such as bread tins and pans, but you might not realise how much of it you’ll need.

Every specialised item you bake will require something different, whether it’s a type of cake tin, baking sheet, muffin tray, pie pan, or anything else. 

You will also want to invest in different sizes to add variety to your offers. Cooling racks, even confectionary trolleys are important. In this category, it is often good practice to tend towards buying a little more than you think you might need.

Looking for Bakery Equipment?

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