Food Display Equipment that SELLS its Contents


When it comes to food of any type, the way it looks has a lot to do with how well it sells. If you’re in the food and beverage industry you know that presentation plays a big part of the package, especially in the restaurant and café side of things.

Finding the right food display equipment is more than just about showing your customers what’s on the menu or in the oven. It’s about enticing them to absolutely have to try it.

Selecting the right display equipment might be straightforward enough, but you want to make sure you get something persuasive. Something that shows off the finer qualities of your culinary arts and brings hungry people in to try it out.

The Rotisserie

I’ll use an example of a rotisserie as probably the perfect type of persuasive display. Everything about it screams ‘Come and get it, its fresh and hot!’

While not the only type of food display equipment that is effective when it comes to selling, it does tick more than all the boxes.

Firstly, the visual. Customers get a good look at every part of the chicken while its still cooking. They can see every part of its golden-brown glaze and the sheen of its moisture.

Even the lighting and heat around the chicken make it appealing, reaffirms its freshness, makes your customers feel comfortable

Of course they do more than look great, they vent those succulent flavours into the air and attract in anyone with a hungry sense of smell.

That’s what we mean by food display equipment that sells.

Where Can I Get Practical Food Display Equipment?

Of course not everything is a rotisserie and not everyone sells chicken, so you might be wondering how this example applies to you.

Truth be told, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a tabletop display or a Braine Marie, the rules of presentation still apply. A quality display item makes your food even more enticing, more inviting. 

You’re not looking for display items that get the job done, you’re looking for quality ones that offer appeal in every sense of the word.

You want a display item that intrigues all of your customers’ other senses before finally rewarding them with taste.

So where can you get display items that are not only functional but attractive?

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