Cleaning & Maintaining Commercial Kitchen Equipment


With so much flurry and activity in commercial kitchens, things can get a little out of hand, but if there is one thing that should never be compromised, it is the hygiene of your food prep machinery and equipment. There are several reasons why it is essential, with food safety and your compliance always being at its core.

If customers fall ill, you won’t get return business, your reputation will dip, and you might even face complications from a lack of compliance.

So, let’s look at what makes correct kitchen hygiene so important.

Avoiding Cross Contamination

Cross contamination is quite literally a dirty word in any kitchen, and the source of many woes for those who don’t work hard to avoid it. Ensuring the correct cleaning procedures, techniques and care is essential for the health of your customers, every single one of them.

Bacteria and food are a toxic match, they love each other but do no good, and cross contamination is nearly always the result of not properly sanitizing food prep machinery and equipment.

The Health of Your Equipment

Lets move on to the condition, reliability, and performance of all your equipment. 

The more care you take of your food prep machinery and equipment the better it will serve you, the more success your operations will have.

Ensuring that equipment is constantly clean will not only help maintain its condition, but will also let you see, with relative ease, if any damage is taking place on it.

Managing Pests

Pests are never a good sign, that is doubly so for kitchen environments where they can contaminate food and destroy your reputation and stores.

Mess attracts pests of all types, from roaches and ants through to rats. None of these are something your guests want to see scuttling about your establishment, but mess acts as an open invitation for them.

Keep things clean, from surfaces to utensils, to ensure you keep your kitchen clear of pests.

Ensuring Compliance

Compliance is an important part of any food business, no matter the scale of your operations, menu, or kitchen. 

Poor hygiene can see you paying major penalties, and this counts as much for your establishment’s infrastructure as it does for your food prep machinery and equipment.

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