Avoiding Cross Contamination in Commercial Kitchens


Commercial dishwasher equipment is just one small part of the essential process of maintaining hygiene in kitchens. Staying compliant with HACCP regulations requires diligence, protocols which are constant in the kitchen, no matter the scale of your operations.

Cross contamination in particular is a major health risk that can have wide-reaching implications in the right scenarios.

Here we outline essential tasks that should be uncompromisingly considered as part of your operational habits, to ensure not only compliance, but the safety of the foodstuffs you produce.

Separate Utensils & Surfaces

An important part of avoiding cross contamination is ensuring that bacteria doesn’t travel through the use of any utensils or from surfaces, particularly chopping blocks, used.

Raw food, especially meat, should never share these with cooked food. Remember that cross contamination doesn’t necessarily require ingredients to be in contact with each other. Bacteria can travel in various days.

Thoroughly Wash between Tasks

You need to make a habit of cleaning utensils, crockery and chopping boards or surfaces between uses, not after. This is the case when they are used for raw foods, but also for cooked items too.

Do NOT Wash Raw Meat 

This one is often counter-intuitive for people but washing raw meat of any kind should be avoided. When you wash poultry, pork, beef, or any other type, you essentially contaminate the surface of the washing equipment, which is then used on other utensils, and you run the risk of contaminating those with the bacteria from the raw meat. 

Wash Your Hands after Handling Food

It is a simple rule, but one worth mentioning non the less. This doesn’t just mean when you start preparing, but every time you handle food.

You do not want to carry the bacteria from any raw foods you have previously handled, to any other utensils, surfaces, plates, or food items you’ll be using after doing so.

Looking for Commercial Dishwasher Equipment?

One way to ensure you stay on top of compliance regulations and of course, safety, is to ensure that you have the equipment you need to keep things ship-shape.

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